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The neoliberal utopia

Prairial 21, year 221

Monday 10 June 2013, by Olivier

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Let’s face it: through more than 30 years, the neoliberal utopia promises the moon. And through those 30 years, everything is deteriorating.

All started with the Margaret Thatcher’s election...

Say it again ...

All began in Chile in 1973 with the coup of Augusto Pinochet, which later became a Thatcher’s very good friend. It continued with the Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979 in England, and to complete the trick with the Ronald Reagan’s election in 1981 in the United States.

Before them we had some crisis, the oil crisis for instance in 1973, etc.. But since the takeovers of these three, things have only been getting worse.

At the moment, there are more super rich than ever in the history of mankind, but there are too more super poor than ever, all over the world, particularly in areas that felt protected, like Europe.

However, our great democratic leaders continue to prescribe the same neoliberal policies to get our countries out of crisis, like the medieval doctors who prescribed bleedings until the disease’s end, which meant most of times the death of their victim.

It seems that everyone has the right to make mistakes. Let’s take note of it. But anyone with some intellectual honesty, realizing his own mistakes, hurries to accept he’s wrong, to ask for forgiveness, and stops committing them to try something else.

Through more than thirty years, our leaders, coming from a pure neoliberal obedience or having a new allegiance to this thought system, as many of our pseudo-socialist leaders, commit economic mistake after social mistake. And they go on. The vehicle goes straight into the wall and they accelerate.

I see three explanations for this fact:

  1. They have been wrong for thirty years and did not even notice it. Their naivety is dangerous for the health of societies in which we live. Time has come to make them understand it.
  2. They are not naive but arrogant. They understood that their utopia does not work at all, but they do not have the courage to admit they were wrong, and continue the same way, praying not to crash.
  3. They are neither naive nor proud or arrogant, but real bastards. They know that their policy does not work for the good of mankind, but only for the amount of money in their bank accounts and their sponsors bank accounts, at the expense of the 99% of the humanity.

We won’t put everyone in the same bag. Some are naive, others are proud and others are real bastards. The day may come when we begin to give to the third category the name they deserve to wear: criminals against humanity.

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