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Salut et Fraternité HD 1.0

Thermidor 21, year 219

Monday 8 August 2011, by Olivier

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Salut et Fraternité, the software for conversions from the gregorian calendar to the gregorian calendar is now coming out for iPad. It is Salut et Fraternité HD, version 1.0.
HD, like High Definition.

At first, you may download the software here.

Regarding to its iPhone and iPod Touch version, the software is redesigned for a larger screen.

The first screen: you can find there as usual the current date in the republican calendar, and the current time in decimal time.

The second screen, you can access to by the TabBar, is the only conversion screen. As allowed by the size of the screen, there are two synchronized wheels, one in the republican calendar, the other one in the gregorian calendar.

The third screen is the historical screen, where you can fin the different texts for laws and decrees of the revolutionary period. All the texts are for now in their original form, so in french. From the first report by Gilbert Romme to the national Convention, until the last official text by the french state, the senatus-consulte ordering the end of the republican calendar.

The fourth and last screen is the settings screen. You can there choose to write the years in romans numerals o arabic numerals, show a picture for the season in the conversion screen, and at last, show a analog clock in the first screen.

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